Branding Session For Ela's Fleur

Most people in business stress the importance of Networking. For someone like me, riddled with anxiety and kind of introverted, I'm fairly comfortable around large groups - it's when I have to talk about myself that I panic and want to bail. The amount of networking events on Facebook I've RSVP'd to and bailed on is not a small amount.
Back in the summer, I applied for a business & grant program through the City. I went through and did the whole program and made some contacts in the process. Kinga, owner of Ela's Fleur ( - go give her a like!) was one of them! We spent an afternoon creating content for her ads and her business.  



Lex's Flirty Session

Lex came in to shoot with me in Early January, and man, did we have so much freaking fun. Dash did her hair & makeup ( and we put on some music and just shot! <3 DEFINITELY keeping this girl in mind for personal projects, she was so much fun to work with!


Why you should hire a professional photographer.

It's estimated that over 1.8 billion images are uploaded to the internet every single day. This generation is blessed with the ability to document everything from a trip to the grocery store to the moment our children are born. From the mundane moments to the magnificent ones, our lives can be documented, self-published, live streamed and relived over and over again.
So, armed with cameras in our phones, affordable DSLRs in our bags, and artistic filters on our instagrams, why should we even bother hiring a "professional"?

There are hundreds of reasons I could give you. I could tell you about the time and money invested in an education. I could explain that knowing how to control and manipulate light is a discipline that takes many hours to learn and even longer to master. I could talk until I was blue in the face that just because a person has a 'nice camera' doesn't mean that their camera 'takes nice photos'. I could go on ad on about composition, about 'rules', about the exposure triangle. I could tell you all the technical things that are supposed to make a photograph great.

Instead, I want to ask you a few questions.

If you're a parent, how often are you in the photos that you take of your children? How many photos do you have of your own parents?
How many photos do you take of yourself in pursuit of the one that will boost your self esteem?How many times have you watched an event, such as a wedding or a birthday party, through the screen of your phone or your camera?
At some point we need to ask ourselves, are we documenting our lives to remember them, to record every detail so that we don't forget? Or are we taking photos because, well, that's what you're 'supposed' to do.



Apply filters.




We are all connected virtually, but are disconnected in reality.

This is where hiring a professional photographer comes into play. Hiring a professional for your event means being present in the moment and most importantly, enjoying it. Put down your phone, your camera, enjoy yourself.

Photo sessions have a similar appeal. Photographers capture more than faces, more than just the image of a person. We capture emotion, fleeting moments that yes, you can use as your profile picture, but these are the photos our children and grandchildren and generations upon generations beyond are going to remember us by. 

Photos, and before that, painted portraits, used to be heirlooms, passed on from generation to generation. Now, for most of us, our images exist in 1's an 0's, a glitch or virus away from being lost forever. Our pockets are full of photos, but our walls are bare.
Let's change that.

Book a session. whether for your family, or just for yourself. Hire someone to cover your next milestone event, let yourself be present in the moment, and present in the photos.

Kenna's Boudoir Session

This is gonna be a short & sweet blog just to share some photos with you guys!

A few weeks back I worked with Kenna, a local model who wanted to shoot her first boudoir set with me. (Yay!!)

Holy crap, I'm telling you, this girl killed it. She's made to be in front of a camera.


From everyday...


To slaaaaayyyyyy!!


Seriously though... go check out her instagram!! 

That's all for now.. see, short and sweet. By the way, there's only three days left to get in on the $99 deal, then it goes away! Send me an email to get one booked!!

Photographers Child Syndrome

There's this thing that's talked about in the inner circle of photographers that is, without a doubt, a real thing.

Photographer's Child Syndrome.

You don't actually have to be a photographer for this to affect your life. It just stings extra hard when your job is to photograph people and no matter what you do, you can't get a smile out of of your own freaking child. Or worse than no smile, every photo looks like this.


These are my two youngest kids, Ryder - age 5 and Keira - age 3.

These are my two youngest kids, Ryder - age 5 and Keira - age 3.

Or this.


It's like they can smell how badly you just one ONE. GOOD. PHOTO. There's whining (them), crying (me), bribing (also me.. to them), more crying (me again)... lots of muffled curse words (also me, unless you count Ryder calling me a meanie face) and BIIIIIIGGG fake smiles.

Today I took my two youngest kids (they have an older sister who is 11, who is a little more well behaved when it comes to posing and putting up with photos... a little, not by much though) to the studio today to take some photos on my Christmas set. It was... fun? I guess haha. We put on some Christmas music and the littlest immediately decided she was 'tired' and wanted her PJs on ... which we brought, but I was trying to do her 'princess' photos first. I got a few good ones!



I gotta say, all in all, they're pretty cute. And in between not listening, Photographer's Child Syndrome, arguing over cookies, arguing over what the fake milk was, arguing over who gets to kiss who's cheek... I think I got some keepers.

Now to wrangle all three of them for an outdoor photo. Wish me luck!


I've extended my Christmas minis by a week, so you've got until the 14th to book a session! 


Vanessa & Jenson's Christmas Mini

It's no secret that I love creative endeavours - anything that differs from the norm is right up my alley. When Vanessa told me that her little guy had a Jack Skellington costume for Halloween and that she wanted some Christmas photos in it - well I just jumped at the chance!

Hamilton has so much variety when it comes to locations. We shot this set at a lesser known location off of York Blvd. the area used to be a beautiful garden in the 1950s - the land is owned by the RBG. 
This location has to be one of my top 5 favourite in Hamilton - there is so much charm to it.


Vanessa tossed on a Sally dress and joined in on the fun!



We took a quick detour on our way back to take one in the Hamilton Cemetery as well.



If you're interested in booking a holiday session, I'm running a special between December 1st - 7th 2017. Indoor, outdoor, family, children, couples. I've got a set in the studio that's perfect for Christmas PJ photos.


If you want to know more about the location I mentioned, The Spec posted an amazing article with photos

Starting From Scratch!

Welcome to the new site! 

My old site just wasn't working for me anymore. It didn't feel like my prospective clients were seeing me - the real me. I want to work with people who I'll mesh well with, so I decided to let my personality sneak through and start over.

I promise to actually blog sessions - I've been pretty bad for it in the past... I take all these behind the scenes photos and bloopers and then I never share them.

For the next week, I'll be updating with some older sessions, a wedding or two - some I've second or co-shot - and I promise, outtakes galore.



Here's a photo of my youngest from her birthday in July, because she's super freaking cute.

Here's a photo of my youngest from her birthday in July, because she's super freaking cute.