Vanessa & Jenson's Christmas Mini

It's no secret that I love creative endeavours - anything that differs from the norm is right up my alley. When Vanessa told me that her little guy had a Jack Skellington costume for Halloween and that she wanted some Christmas photos in it - well I just jumped at the chance!

Hamilton has so much variety when it comes to locations. We shot this set at a lesser known location off of York Blvd. the area used to be a beautiful garden in the 1950s - the land is owned by the RBG. 
This location has to be one of my top 5 favourite in Hamilton - there is so much charm to it.


Vanessa tossed on a Sally dress and joined in on the fun!



We took a quick detour on our way back to take one in the Hamilton Cemetery as well.



If you're interested in booking a holiday session, I'm running a special between December 1st - 7th 2017. Indoor, outdoor, family, children, couples. I've got a set in the studio that's perfect for Christmas PJ photos.


If you want to know more about the location I mentioned, The Spec posted an amazing article with photos