Photographers Child Syndrome

There's this thing that's talked about in the inner circle of photographers that is, without a doubt, a real thing.

Photographer's Child Syndrome.

You don't actually have to be a photographer for this to affect your life. It just stings extra hard when your job is to photograph people and no matter what you do, you can't get a smile out of of your own freaking child. Or worse than no smile, every photo looks like this.


These are my two youngest kids, Ryder - age 5 and Keira - age 3.

These are my two youngest kids, Ryder - age 5 and Keira - age 3.

Or this.


It's like they can smell how badly you just one ONE. GOOD. PHOTO. There's whining (them), crying (me), bribing (also me.. to them), more crying (me again)... lots of muffled curse words (also me, unless you count Ryder calling me a meanie face) and BIIIIIIGGG fake smiles.

Today I took my two youngest kids (they have an older sister who is 11, who is a little more well behaved when it comes to posing and putting up with photos... a little, not by much though) to the studio today to take some photos on my Christmas set. It was... fun? I guess haha. We put on some Christmas music and the littlest immediately decided she was 'tired' and wanted her PJs on ... which we brought, but I was trying to do her 'princess' photos first. I got a few good ones!



I gotta say, all in all, they're pretty cute. And in between not listening, Photographer's Child Syndrome, arguing over cookies, arguing over what the fake milk was, arguing over who gets to kiss who's cheek... I think I got some keepers.

Now to wrangle all three of them for an outdoor photo. Wish me luck!


I've extended my Christmas minis by a week, so you've got until the 14th to book a session!