Why you should hire a professional photographer.

It's estimated that over 1.8 billion images are uploaded to the internet every single day. This generation is blessed with the ability to document everything from a trip to the grocery store to the moment our children are born. From the mundane moments to the magnificent ones, our lives can be documented, self-published, live streamed and relived over and over again.
So, armed with cameras in our phones, affordable DSLRs in our bags, and artistic filters on our instagrams, why should we even bother hiring a "professional"?

There are hundreds of reasons I could give you. I could tell you about the time and money invested in an education. I could explain that knowing how to control and manipulate light is a discipline that takes many hours to learn and even longer to master. I could talk until I was blue in the face that just because a person has a 'nice camera' doesn't mean that their camera 'takes nice photos'. I could go on ad on about composition, about 'rules', about the exposure triangle. I could tell you all the technical things that are supposed to make a photograph great.

Instead, I want to ask you a few questions.

If you're a parent, how often are you in the photos that you take of your children? How many photos do you have of your own parents?
How many photos do you take of yourself in pursuit of the one that will boost your self esteem?How many times have you watched an event, such as a wedding or a birthday party, through the screen of your phone or your camera?
At some point we need to ask ourselves, are we documenting our lives to remember them, to record every detail so that we don't forget? Or are we taking photos because, well, that's what you're 'supposed' to do.



Apply filters.




We are all connected virtually, but are disconnected in reality.

This is where hiring a professional photographer comes into play. Hiring a professional for your event means being present in the moment and most importantly, enjoying it. Put down your phone, your camera, enjoy yourself.

Photo sessions have a similar appeal. Photographers capture more than faces, more than just the image of a person. We capture emotion, fleeting moments that yes, you can use as your profile picture, but these are the photos our children and grandchildren and generations upon generations beyond are going to remember us by. 

Photos, and before that, painted portraits, used to be heirlooms, passed on from generation to generation. Now, for most of us, our images exist in 1's an 0's, a glitch or virus away from being lost forever. Our pockets are full of photos, but our walls are bare.
Let's change that.

Book a session. whether for your family, or just for yourself. Hire someone to cover your next milestone event, let yourself be present in the moment, and present in the photos.